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Hindi love shayari

Hindi love shayari - yad 

कल उसकी याद पूरी रात आती रही,
हम जागे पूरी दुनिया सोती रही,
आसमान मैं बिजली पूरी रात होती रही,
बस एक बारिश थी जो मेरे साथ रोती रही.

Kal Uski Yaad Poori Raat Aati Rahi,
Hum Jaage Puri Duniya Soti Rahi,
Aasman Main Bijali Puri Raat hoti rahi,
Bas Ek BAARISH Thi Jo Mere Saath Roti Rahi.

यादों में हमारी आप भी खोये होंगे,
खुली आँखों से कभी आप भी सोये होंगे,
मन हसना हैं अदा गम छुपाने की,

पर हस्ते हस्ते कभी आप भी रोये होंगे.

yaadon mein hamaaree aap bhee khoye honge,
khulee aankhon se kabhee aap bhee soye honge,
man hasana hain ada gam chhupaane kee,
par haste haste kabhee aap bhee roye honge.

Dear blog readers
Hello, I am not a professional shire. I am putting shayari in front of you because of my love for my hobby and poetry. All shayari kept in my blog has been heard, read or seen from anywhere but I have not written it myself. The readers have been given a good way to get poems and jokes from one place to another. If you like shayari and joke on my blog, like commenting or commenting, I encourage you to do so. I am grateful to all the people for sharing and sharing, and thanks for that. If you want to keep your poetry in my blog, then you can send it in a comment box and send it to my dear readers through my blog. I will post in your blog with your name.

Thank you.

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