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If you stay stay forever

"If you stay, stay forever.
If you go, do it today.
If you change, change for the better.
if you talk, make sure you mean what u say"

Human And Chemical

"You are a human, 
not a chemical. 
think before you react. "

Kisi Ka Hamdard Hona

"Jab Tak Hum
Kisi K Humdard Nahi Hotay..
Tab Tak
Hum Dard Se Aur Dard Hum Se
Juda Nahi Hota.."

A Person's True Color

"Y0u see a pers0n,s true colors
y0u are n0 l0nger beneficial t0 their life."

Find time for the special ones

"Find Time
4 the Special Ones in ur Life.
Otherwise 1 Day u will Find Time
there will not be
any Special One 2 Share It..."

Mistates are painful

Mistakes are painful
when they happen.
years later a collection of
mistakes is called "Experience"
which leads us to success..

Waqt Aur Smajh

"Waqt aur smajh ek sath khush
qismat logon ko miltey hein..
kyun k
aksar waqt par smajh nahi hoti
smajh annay tak waqt nahi milta."

Don't Borrow Someone Else's Plan

"Don't Borrow
Someone Else's Plan,
Develop Your Own Philosophy And
It Will Lead You To Unique Places."

You will have more problems

When you focus on problems,

you will have more problems


when you focus on possibilities,

you will have more oppurtunities

then impossiblities.

When you focus on problems

When you focus on Problems, you

will have more Problems...


When you focus on Possibilities, you

will have more Opportunities then


Worrying Doesn't Reduce Yesterdays Sorrows

Beautiful Lines:-

"Worrying Doesn't Reduce Yesterdays Sorrows,

But It Empties Todays Strength".

So DONT WORRY,BE HAPPY & Make Others Happy.

I am amazed at a person

I am amazed at a person

who feels proud of himself,,,

who by yesterday was a clot of

blood and will tomorrow be a

dead body or dust.

Lambi Umeedon se Door

Thought of the day

"Lambi Umeedon se Door Raha karo,
Kyun K Woh Tumhare Paas mojood
Naimaton Ko Haqeer Bana deti Hain."

If you wait for happy moments

If you wait for happy moments,
you will wait forever
if you start believing that
you are happy,
you will be happy forever.

Plant your own garden

Plant your own garden and

decorate your own soul instead of

waiting for someone to bring

you flowers.

Now The World Is Becoming

Shakespear Said:

"Now The World Is Becoming A Bad Place To Live In,

Not Because Of Bad People

But Due To Silence Of The Good People"

Kill the tension before

Good Toughts:

Kill the tension B4 tension kills U,

Reach Ur Goal B4 Goal kicks U,

Help everyone B4 someone Helps U,

Live life B4 the Life leaves U,

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