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Mukhlis Rishtay

"Mukhlis Rishton Ko
Majburi Me B Zaya Na Hony Dain,
Majburi To Khatm Ho Jaigi
Lekin Rishty Dobara Nahi Milty...!!

Choti Choti Baaten Dil Mein Rakhna

Choti Choti Baaten Dil Mein
Rakhne Se
Baray Baray Rishtay
Kamzor Ho Jate Hain..
So Clean Your Heart
Keep Smiling.. :)

Rishton Ki Ahmiyat

"Kisi Se Poocha gaya"
Tum Itne Masroof Hote Hoe Bhi 
Sab ke liye itna Waqt kese Nikal Lety Ho..?

Usko Jawab Mila:
Rishton ko 'Ahmiyat' Dena Sekho 
'Waqt' apne aap Mil jayegaa.

Rishton Ki Kitaab

WaQt MiLe To RiShtOn Ki
KiTaB KhOl K DeKH LeNA *______*

HaMaRa RiShTa TuMheN 
HeR RiShTe Se La'JaWAb MiLe GaA..!!

When Attachments Die

When Attachments Die In A
Formalities are born..
when Formalities are born,
nothing remains..!!

Relation without understanding

Two simple lines..

Do not make any close Relation
without full understanding,
Do not break any close Relation
with small misunderstanding..!!

Rishtay mein Ego aur Attitude

**Rishta wo nahi jis
main EGO aur ATTITUDE ho...
Rishta wo hai jis 
main aik ROTHNAY wala EXPERT ho 

Rishton ko khubsoorti se nibhao

Rishton ko aise khubsoorti se nibhao
Shehad ki Makhi
Phoolon se ras tou le jati hai
Phoolon ko kisi qisam ka
nuqsan nahi honay deti..!!


Unwan-e-Zindagi  par
bus itna he likh paya hoon..

Bohut kamzor rishtay thay,
bohut mazboot logon se..!!

Value Of Relation

Value Of Relation
Is Not That How Much
You Feel Happy With Someone
It Is That How Much You Feel
Alone Without Someone.

I need Relations

One day Brain asked Heart:
Why are you sending messages
to people?

Lovely Heart replied to Brain:
You need Reasons
I need Relations.. :)

Hum kisi ko majboor nahi karte

Hum kisi ko majboor nahi karte
k wo hum se baat karay
Jinhain ho Rishton ki qadar
wo khud hi Yaad kar liya karte hain..!!

Pure Relationship

Pure Relationship never cares for
age, money, beauty, richness,
education, job..
It only wants a caring heart
for sharing feelings.

Sweetness of a good relation

The sweetness of a chocolate
remains in tongue for minutes.
The sweetness of a good relation 
remains in heart forever till the life ends.

Perfect relationship

Perfect relationship is not that
you never get angry, upset or
irritated with each other..
It's how fast you resolve &
bounce back to normal.

Relations do not shine

Relations do not shine by
just shaking hand in the best time..!

True relations shine by 
holding hand in critical times..!

Good Relations

Good Relations are those
who Care without Hesitation
who Remember without Limitation 
who Stay in your Heart even without

Compromise in a relationship

A Compromise in a relationship
is the art of dividing a cake in
such a way that everyone
believes that they have got the
biggest piece.

Four hardest tasks on earth

The Four hardest tasks on earth
are neither physical nor intellectual,
they are spiritual ones:

1. To return love for hate
2. To include the people who exclude you.
3. To forgive without apology
4. To be able to say 'I was wrong'

Relations are like birds

"Relations are like birds
if you grip tightly they die
if you hold loosely they fly
if you hold with care, love &
respect they remain with you

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