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I Need Glasses

I Think
I Need Glasses
I Keep Seeing
A Lot Of People With
Two Faces..!!

Magar Us Se Nahi Jeet Saktay

"Tum Dunya mein Har Kisi Se
Jeet Saktay Ho..
Us Se Nahi Jeet Saktay
Jo Tumhare Liye
Jaan Boojh K Haar Jaye.."

Fake Society

Has Become So Fake
That The Truth
Actually Bothers People.."

You do not really know

Don't Really Know Someone
You Say No To Them.."

Never Be A Person

"Never be a PERSON..
ALways be a Personality..
PERSON dies but personality never dies."

Izzat Aur Piyar

"Jo Izzat Aur Piyar Tumhein
Doosroon Se MiLta Hai"
"Wo Dar'Haqeeqat
Tumhare He Ikhlaq Ka Jawabi Tohfa Hai..!!

Confidence comes from

Confidence Comes Not From
Always Being Right
From Not Fearing To Be Wrong.

What other people think

"Not caring
What other people think
is the best choice
you will ever make."

Ghussay ka karwa ghoont

Ghussay ka karwa ghoont
pee jaya karo

Main ne nataij k hawalay se
is se ziada sheereen jaam nahi piya.
"Shaikh Saadi"

Everyone is Gifted

"Everyone is Gifted
most people
never open
their package."

Zubaan k pechay

"Har Insan apni Zubaan
k peechy chupa huwa hay
agar usay samjhna hay tou
usey bolne do.."

When People Fail To Understand

When People Fail To Understand You,
It's Better To Be Quiet Rather Than
Making Them Realise
Again and Again..!!

Choti Soch aur Paon ki Moch

Choti Soch
Paon ki Moch

Insan ko kabhi aagay
barhne nahi deti..!!
'Funny But True'

Khobsurti Ek Naimat Hai

Khobsurti Ek Naimat Hai
Sab se khobsurat Insan ki
Zubaan hay chahy tou Dil
Jeet ley
chahy tou Insan ko bura banaday..!!

Good Behavior

Good Behavior does not have
any financial value
it has the power to purchase
hearts of the people..!!

Ghussay K Waqt Bardaasht

Ghussay K Waqt Bardaasht
Ka Ek Lamha Tumhen Hazar
Baar Sharminda Honay Se
Bacha Sakta Hai.

Character Maturity Friendship and Love

The Character, Maturity, Friendship
and Love is always to be judged
in adverse conditions..
otherwise everyone seems good at
coffee table.

Do not waste words

Do not waste words on people
who deserve you silence only..
Sometimes the most
powerful thing you can say is
just nothing at all..

Education is not a degree or certificate

Education is not a name of
any Degree or Certificate.
Education is the name of our attitude,
behavior with others in real life.

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