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hindi shayari for love with English mining

muhbbat koi baris ka nam nhi
Jo barse aur tham jaaye
muhbbat suraj bhi nahi ,
Jo chamke aur doob jaye
muhbbat to naam hai saans ka
Jo chale toh zindagi aur
Ruke toh maut ban jaaye

मोहब्बत कोई बारिश का नाम नहीं जो बरशे ओर थम जाये 
मोहब्बत सूरज भी नहीं जो चमके ओर डूब जाये 
मोहब्बत तो नाम है सांस का जो चले तो जिंदगी ओर रुके तो मौत बन जाये। 

Love is not the name of any rain that can stop
Not even the sun shining or sunburn
Mohabbat is the name, the breath of life, then life will be stopped and then death will be created.

Khushboo Bankar Teri Saanso Mein Sama Jayenge,
Sukun Bankar Tere Dil Mein Utar Jayenge,
Mehsus Karne Ki Koshish To Kijiye,
Dur Rahte Hue Bhi Pass Najar Aayenge.

खुशबू बनकर तेरी साँसों में समा जायेंगे,
सुकून बनकर तेरे दिल में उतर जायेंगे,
महसूस करने की कोशिश तो कीजिये,
दूर रहते हुए भी पास नज़र आएँगे.

The fragrance will become absorbed in your breath,
Become relaxed and fall into your heart,
Try to feel,
Stay away while staying away.

Dear blog readers
Hello, I am not a professional shire. I am putting shayari in front of you because of my love for my hobby and poetry. All shayari kept in my blog has been heard, read or seen from anywhere but I have not written it myself. The readers have been given a good way to get poems and jokes from one place to another. If you like shayari and joke on my blog, like commenting or commenting, I encourage you to do so. I am grateful to all the people for sharing and sharing, and thanks for that. If you want to keep your poetry in my blog, then you can send it in a comment box and send it to my dear readers through my blog. I will post in your blog with your name.
Thank you.

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